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Private Jet Rental Price, Summer 2021

On-demand aviation enjoys an exceptional reputation thanks to the social recognition it brings to its users, but also by the time optimization it provides. On-demand aviation means arranging special flights dedicated to a group, a special mission or the transport of sensitive or urgent cargo.

While scheduled air services are barely recovering from the restrictions linked to the containment of the pandemic, the service offer remains very deteriorated (low number of flights, discontinuation of direct routes) and does not meet the expectations of many business travelers.

This phenomenon is amplified by the “low-costization” of the air transport market, accelerated by the current economic situation. This systematic reduction in costs requires the standardization of the product range and the rigorous simplification of processes.

In this new paradigm, the need for a tailor-made air travel service can only be satisfied by business aviation, and more generally on-demand aviation.

The most common questions asked by first-time business aviation users are related to the price of private jet charter: How does the price of a private jet flight fluctuate? Are private jet charter prices on the rise? How can I take advantage of the low prices for chartering a business jet?


Breakdown of the price of a private jet flight

The price of a private jet is linked to many factors and is calculated on a case by case basis. Indeed, depending on the type of aircraft chartered, the route traveled, the flight dates, the duration of stay, and the operational constraints, we have to design very specific and customized solutions.

Prices obviously increase with the size of the aircraft used and the duration of the flight, but also according to the complexity of the routes flown or the airports connected: trans-oceanic flights or flights from airports requiring aircraft with specific capabilities or particular pilot training.

One of the advantages of the private aircraft market is the broad diversity of fleets. Depending on the needs identified, the first step is to select the type(s) of private aircraft that are eligible. Then, it is necessary to compare this with the market opportunities, particularly in terms of their positioning. In this respect, a solid knowledge of the market is crucial.

Our team is made up of experts who will make sure they fully understand your needs in order to find you the most suitable private jet, at the best price. Do not hesitate to contact us, each flight and each client is unique and we will find the best solution for your needs. For more information, please click here.

Rent a private jet this summer, at what price?

The current roll-out of vaccination campaigns and the prospect of easing travel restrictions are sparking an increase in demand for private flights.

Based on a survey carried out by our team, we have made a list of the most popular destinations for the 2021 summer season:

  • French Riviera: Private jet to Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez or Toulon Airports
  • Balearic Islands: Private jet to Ibiza, Palma or Mahon Airports
  • Costa del Sol: Private jet to Malaga Airport
  • Algarve: Private jet to Faro Airport
  • Greek Islands: Private jet to Mykonos, Santorin or Athens Airports
  • Malta: Private jet to Malta Airport
  • Sardinia: Private jet to Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari Airports
  • Corsica: Private jet to Calvi, Figari or Ajaccio Airports
  • The Amalfi Coast: Private jet to Naples airport

The price of a private jet charter is strongly influenced by the availability of aircraft on the market. The summer season promises to be exceptional and we advise you to book your private flights as soon as possible and take advantage of the best opportunities at the best price.

Private Jet Rental Prices

Origin < > DestinationStayAircraftPassengersAll-inclusive price
(starting at)
Geneva (GVA)Cannes (CEQ)3 daysCitation Mustang 48'200 €
Paris (LBG)Ibiza (IBZ)8 daysPhenom 300823'800 €
Zurich (ZRH)Minorca (MAH)4 daysBeechcraft 1900D1921'500 €
Lausanne (QLS)St Tropez (LTT)*2 daysPilatus PC-1257'700 €
Moscow (VKO)Olbia (OLB)15 daysChallenger 8501379'000 €
London (LTN)Malta (MLA)10 hoursCitation CJ3+628'900 €
Nice (NCE)Dubai (DWC)5 daysPraetor 6001072'800 €
Ajaccio (AJA)Tel Aviv (TLV)6 daysLegacy 650E1362'000 €
Sion (SIR)Nice (NCE)36 hoursCitation M259'850 €
Munich (MUC)New York (TEB)4 daysGlobal 600013127'000 €
Private jet Charter Cost Estimator

For a customised quotation, simply contact our teams by clicking here.



How to take advantage of the favorable prices?

Here are our tips for finding the most-suitable plane, at the best price.

Empty flights or ‘Empty legs’

An empty flight is available and marketed when a private jet chartered by another charterer positions empty to pick up passengers or after dropping them off. If you book one of those positioning flight, there is a very good chance that you will be able to get a very competitive price while flying an aircraft that offers superior comfort. These opportunities still rare and it should be known how to seize them. As long as your private flight is not programmed by the carrier, there is a risk that the opportunity will no longer be available. The first charterer will of course have priority.

Flexibility of dates and times

Are your dates flexible? There is a good chance that you could get a better price. Indeed, the private jet rental market is very influenced by the availability of aircraft. Choose the period of your choice, tell us the flexibility you think is acceptable and we will guide you to the best offer at dates and times within that range.

Choose the right aircraft

As mentioned earlier, the type of business jet you choose has a great influence on the price of the charter flight. Depending on the itinerary, our teams are able to offer you the best private jet at the best price, while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Share the journey with your friends or colleagues

The concept is the same as for a simple carpooling, passengers can share the cost of the trip between friends. In the case of corporate travel, the same trip can be useful for several employees, several teams and take advantage of the flexibility offered by private jets to arrange several stopovers in the same day, thus ensuring that your charter is profitable. This ensures that the cost of the business trip is optimized.

Avoiding positioning flights

In many cases, our clients request a departure from a specific airport thinking that this is the only option available to them. However, it is quite common for competitive solutions to exist from an airport located a little further away where an aircraft is already positioned. In this way, the additional cost of positioning the aircraft is saved.

As aircraft charter brokers, the Skylark Aviation Expert teams are at your disposal for any questions you may have and to help you benefit from the best offers on the market. To contact us, click here.