Cargo Aircraft Charter

Discover our range of cargo aircraft charter services. Whatever your request, its degree of urgency, the route(s) and the characteristics of your cargo, there is a solution for you. Talk to our experts, they are all highly qualified air brokers specialising in cargo charters.

As an aircraft charter brokerage expert with a strong consulting focus, Skylark Aviation Expert brings you one of the best support in the cargo charter market. Our assistance ranges from the choice of the type of aircraft, to the audit of the carrier and the negotiation of the conditions of carriage of your shipments with attention paid to the loading and unloading procedures.

What is your shipping requirement?

  • Heavy freight
  • Bulky Cargo
  • Oversize freight
  • Urgent freight
  • Humanitarian supplies and medical equipment
  • Live animals
  • Dangerous goods

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Our experience has been built on the transport of oversized freight, out-sized objects or spare parts to be transported urgently to resume a car assembly line, or to rescue an airliner stuck on the ground on the other side of the world. Recently, the two requirements were combined when a 39-ton pump for an oil company was rushed to West Africa.

Our expertise also covers the transportation of dangerous goods and sensitive products in cargo aircraft adapted and certified for this type of carriage, operating from airports with the appropriate infrastructure.

Skylark Aviation Expert provides you with bespoke cargo chartering solutions using reputable carriers and reliable service providers. Then, we accompany you through the different stages: cargo aircraft rental, design of tailor-made carriage solutions adapted to your goods, price negotiation to meet your budget, delivery time guarantees, assessment of loading and unloading constraints.

In the study of all these constraints, Skylark Aviation Expert offers you the most cost-effective solution and the best guarantees available on the cargo aircraft charter market.






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