At Skylark Aviation Expert, we strongly believe that air transport is essential as it allows people to meet and share their culture. We are also convinced that it is crucial that corporate responsibility has to be fully aligned with environmental awareness. Therefore, Skylark Aviation Expert has been created with the aim of facilitating air transport for as many people as possible, while preserving sense of sustainability and respect for the environment.

« From consulting in strategy to arranging charter flights for a wide range of customers, our expertise is our main asset to facilitate the launch and guarantee the success of your aviation projects, while preserving your brand perception and your social responsibility. »

The founders and employees of Skylark Aviation Expert share a strong enthusiasm for aviation. Being passionate is a good base to build a successful entrepreneur adventure. Also, they all demonstrate their respective expertise in various fields of the air transport industry. Airline pilots, operations managers or acting on sensitive strategic subjects, they have all built a solid expertise and have established privileged relationships with the various stakeholders of the commercial aviation world: aviation authorities, airports, airlines, manufacturers, maintenance companies…

About Skylark Aviation Expert | Photo by Good Free Photos

About Skylark Aviation Expert | Photo by Good Free Photos

Our vision…

The current period that the air travel industry is going through is key. At a time when prices have reached an all-time low and as flight safety is at an all-time high, the desire to travel continues to grow worldwide. At the same time, the industry is increasingly targeted by a hostile campaign that narrows it down to a luxury sector whose social externalities are as harmful as they are uncontrolled.

As a response to these allegations, the market players must either demonstrate that their operations follow a virtuous approach, or they must communicate and explain their good intentions, especially regarding environmental protection. This means implementing clear and concrete measures with tangible and measurable benefits.

Addressing these key topics leads us to the core of the air transport business. Our proposal to our clients is to share this constantly growing knowledge and experience accumulated by our experts.

Our mission statement:

Design, deliver and implement tailored-made consulting services to address complex air transport requirements. In our quest for excellence, we follow a proactive approach and strive towards differentiation. This allows for strong, long-enduring and trust-based relationships with our clients, employees and partners.

Our roots:

Our company finds its origins in the design and the implementation of air transportation related strategic projects under very restrictive contexts in terms of regulatory and geographical environments. From these highly demanding projects, our teams of experts have earned expertise to design tailor-made solutions regardless of the scope and deadlines set out in our customers specifications.