The Skylark Difference

A Recognized Expertise

Skylark Aviation Expert’s know-how was born from the successful implementation of air transport projects in remote locations, within stringent regulatory contexts. For instance, for the past few years we have been providing a service specially designed for the Oil&Gas industry, for which the level of demands and requirements is notoriously high.

Thus, our teams have developed a level of knowledge that is essential for designing solutions that are perfectly adapted to address your requirements.

A comprehensive network

Whether they are airline pilots, operations managers or experts on strategic issues, Skylark Aviation Expert consultants bring you their field knowledge, and also their network of valuable relationships with airlines, aviation authorities, handling and catering companies, airports…



Solutions d'affrètement pour Groupes en Avion de Ligne, Jet Privé, Avion Cargo

The difference in aircraft charter solutions designed by Skylark Aviation Expert | Photo by Threeedil on Unsplash

Our unique approach

The aircraft charter market has deeply changed in the last 10 years:

  • fewer airlines specialized in on-demand flights and a greater fragility of the existing players,
  • increased competition from scheduled airlines in the group travel segment,
  • the increasingly standardised approach which is pushing scheduled operators to refuse the exception of a special flight.

We are adapting to this new context by offering you a new way of chartering an aircraft. How do we do it? By offering you a service that is exactly adapted to your needs. Therefore, we allow you to choose the level of our involvement:

  • According to your specifications, we draw up a virtual flight schedule with a corresponding budget. This will allow you to identify your options and therefore pre-qualify your project.
  • Based on market seasonality and aircraft availability, we create a selection of destinations that match your dates, allowing you to reduce the cost and the risks associated to the transport aspect of your project.
  • Pros & Cons approach of charter solutions versus scheduled services, based on your requirements.
  • Market research, tendering, benchmarking and guidance in the selection of the solution to select
  • Assistance in drafting the aircraft charter agreement (if you choose the option to directly sign with the carrier).
  • Preparation of the charter flight planning document, follow-up and accounting reconciliation.
  • Pre-paid amounts insurance that cover the risk of carrier insolvency and support in the event of legal proceedings.
  • Providing back-up transport solutions in the event of technical (or financial) failure of the selected carrier
  • Monitoring of the proper execution of the contracted charter flight(s) with airport and onboard assistance, if necessary

Depending on the service options you choose, we are committed to maintaining transparency on the amount of our fees. Please consult us for more information on the details of the services and associated fees.