Skylark Aviation Expert’s team of consultants is made up of professionals coming from different fields of the air transport industry. The range of their expertise is intended to provide you with tailored and structured solutions to meet all your needs in terms of changing your strategy, identifying growth leads, positioning or adapting your brand.

This approach of working with the right people who can deliver the correct expertise is a guarantee that you will receive the right answer to each of your requirements.

The consultancy role of Skylark Aviation Expert

Skylark Aviation Expert’s experts are among the most qualified in their respective fields: business strategy, finance, data analysis, implementation of processes and new tools, etc. You benefit from the advice and know-how of experienced, independent consultants with a comprehensive vision.

Strategic consulting for the airline industry

Strategic consulting for the airline industry | Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

Considering the economic context and your financial targets, Skylark Aviation Expert consultants will accompany you in each step of the drafting of your strategy. Airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers or aeronautical authorities, with Skylark Aviation Expert, you have solid and innovation-oriented expertise to work on strategic alternatives as well as areas for improvement.

Our fields of expertise

We support you and work on a wide variety of domains such as:

  • Launch of new routes
  • Development market opportunities
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Identifying growth drivers
  • Optimizing your aeronautical resources

Our extensive expertise is not strictly limited to the scope of your specifications. We strive to provide you with a broad perspective. In fact, Skylark Aviation Expert consultants have been involved in numerous projects in Europe and the Middle East. The multiculturalism of our teams and our integrated approach allow us to deliver the most relevant solution that will allow you to stand out and reach your development goals.

A few examples of recent achievements:

  • The client is a charter airline whose aeronautical assets were underused. Thanks to their knowledge of the air transport industry and its trends, the team of consultants at Skylark Aviation Expert identified a market opportunity in the European regional air transport sector. This dormant niche was highly attractive as it combines profitability and sustainability. Our consultants therefore recommended a repositioning and assisted in changing the corporate and organization culture to adapt to the challenges of scheduled air transport, which are very different from on demand charter.
  • They also conducted a business model adaptation study for a regional airport by deciding on a trade-off between the fees collected and new sources of revenue (shops, car parks…).

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