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Nov 6, 2023 | Aircraft Charter, Guide

Whenever private jet hire comes to mind, an image of elegance, efficiency and comfort immediately springs to mind. At Skylark Aviation Expert, we are delighted to open the doors to a world where every private jet charter becomes a tailor-made experience.
Over the next few paragraphs, we invite you to join us on a virtual journey through the business jet flight process. From the moment you check in to the moment you get to your destination, discover how each stage of your journey is transformed into an exceptional experience.

1. The origin of your journey

Choose your ideal starting point of departure :
Your journey begins at the airport. The airport where your private aircraft will position to pick you up is selected according to your wishes and needs. On-demand aviation, and particularly business jet services, gives you access to many airports, particularly smaller, regional airports, which are more accessible and less busy than major national airports. As a business jet customer, you will be welcome to benefit the comfort offered by FBO (Fixed Base Operator) terminals. Just like Paris Le Bourget airport, which counts half a dozen of them, these private FBO terminals are reserved exclusively for business jet travellers. They offer exclusive service and limit airport transit times to the strict minimum.  Of course, you can still depart from a commercial terminal if this suits your needs better, particularly if you have a connection with a scheduled flight.

2. Optimisation and Première Classe services

Exclusive private terminal welcome
Ground formalities have been optimised and checks simplified, saving you precious time. Allow 10 minutes between arrival at the airport and departure of the aircraft, compared with an average of 1 hour for a scheduled flight.  At the airport, a first-class concierge service will be available to take care of your baggage and meet your needs. Baggage does not have to fit the standard dimensions but can be oversized or special items such as golf clubs, a bicycle or other sports equipment. Before your flight, if you wish to postpone your departure for an important call or other reason, enjoy the comfort of an exclusive lounge where you can be in a calm environment.

3. Avoid the queues and travel at your own pace

Stress-free boarding
Boarding a private charter flight is a totally different experience. You don’t wait in a crowded lounge until your flight is ready to board. As soon as you’re ready, you’re taken straight aboard your private jet, which is ready for take-off. Furthermore, the aircraft takes off when the passengers are ready to be on their way. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in planning your trip. You can board the plane by walking a short distance or by vehicle (private or van, depending on the distance to the tarmac and your requirements).

4. Gourmet meals and entertainment

On board, a wide range of personalisation :
Once on board, you’ll discover a world of comfort and convenience.
Depending on the category of aircraft, you can enjoy generous space to relax and work in complete privacy. On board long-haul aircraft, it is possible to transform the cabin into a sleeping area offering you the comfort of real beds.
In the mid-size and superior categories of aircraft, the cabin is often equipped with a vast galley with all the necessary tools (ovens, espresso machines, crockery, tablecloths, etc.) enabling cabin crew to prepare the most refined meals and serve them to you in conditions comparable to those found in a prestigious restaurant.
More and more of our aircraft offer high-speed Internet access. You will also find a telephone, individual screens offering a selection of audio-visual programmes in the language of your choice, a selection of newspapers according to your interests, and headphones with active noise reduction for a moment of relaxation and serenity.
Finally, discover our pet-friendly business jet solutions.
Travelling with your pet has never been easier! You can now take your dog or cat with you in the cabin. To avoid the stress of travelling in the hold for your pet, jet travel is the solution.

5. From all-terrain aircraft to luxury cabins

The comfort of different types of aircraft :
As specialists in air charter, we can offer you a wide range of private aircraft, from light jets to wide-body commercial jets, helicopters and turboprop aircraft designed to land (almost) anywhere. This diversity of options means you can book the private jet that best suits your needs, whether it’s a quick business trip or a family holiday. You’ll have access to different levels of comfort, capacity and service.
Travelling by jet also means choosing a direct flight. This saves you the time and energy wasted by numerous stopovers, as it allows you to land as close as possible to your final destination. Some airport runways are too small, making them inaccessible to commercial aircraft.

6. The satisfaction of a perfect journey

Smooth arrival
Your business jet flight ends with a smooth arrival at your destination. You won’t have to wait for your luggage, as it will be ready for collection as soon as you deplane. In most cases, it will be loaded directly into that vehicle which will take you to your final destination. In fact, we can extend the personalisation service by organising a valet service to accompany you from the foot of the plane to your meeting point. Otherwise, an agent will wait for you at the foot of the plane and escort you to the vehicle. He/she will also collect your baggage and help with customs formalities, if necessary.
More than just an aircraft charter broker, Skylark Aviation Expert is also a consultancy form that accompanies you all the way in your air transport needs, which is why we are committed to offering our customers a reliable and unique experience of private jet travel around the world.
Contact us now to plan your next trip and discover the difference business aviation solutions provided by Skylark Aviation Expert.

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