Urgent ‘GO-NOW’ charter

From automotive components to life-saving aid supplies, our department specialized in arranging charter flights using cargo aircraft and special mission helicopters offers a wide range of services suitable adapted to every air transport needs.

Our commitment is to ensure that your shipments reach their final destination on budget and on schedule.

Emergency situations

Based in Geneva, Skylark Aviation Expert historically supports governmental agencies, NGOs and most major international organizations to coordinate charter flights using either cargo aircraft or passenger aircraft. From vehicles to medical tents, water and food supplies, we are proud to play our role in major relief efforts, worldwide.

We have comprehensive experienced in delivering humanitarian aid to people who need it most. These emergency situations usually create complex logistical challenges that our cargo charter solutions are designed to address. At Skylark Aviation Expert, our consultants are trained to go beyond what is usually performed by a traditional aircraft charter broker. Thanks to their in-depth market knowledge and their experience of running aviation operations in hostile environment and isolated areas, they act as coordinators of all the involved parties, providing the best possible assistance to every stakeholder. Their objective is to do everything possible to ensure that your rescue operations run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Cargo charters solutions by Skylark Aviation Expert | Photo by dbajurin

Cargo charters solutions by Skylark Aviation Expert | Photo by dbajurin

A fast and efficient airlift response

Our teams are experienced in managing projects of setting-up air lifts to remote locations or to reach isolated populations who are exposed to serious and compelling health risks. In the past, we have also demonstrated our ability in designing humanitarian aid supply chains, setting up freight hubs in conflict aeras and arrange helicopters in order to drop supplies to the most isolated communities.

Time-critical charters

When time management is essential to your business, our experts are the right people to talk to. Your dedicated account manager will show you how to ensure that your shipments leave the warehouse on time, thus guaranteeing the smooth running of your operations.

Whether it’s components that will keep a manufacturing plant running, an outsize vessel engine’s propeller, or a medical time-sensitive delivery, our teams of experts know exactly what it takes to get your cargo moving.

Our offers for efficient and cost-effective airport-to-airport or door-to-door solutions are available worldwide.

Why choose Skylark air cargo charters?

  • We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Let our team of air cargo experts share with you our unique insights into the aviation business. They have access to our exclusive tools with which they will design for you the best cargo aircraft charter solution that combines the closest airport with the most suitable aircraft type. This is the key to ensuring that your shipment is shipped in the shortest possible time.
  • The Cargo Aircraft Charter expert assigned to your account will assist you in all aspects and accompany you through the steps of your Cargo Aircraft Charter. Beyond the prerogatives of a simple aircraft charter broker, our charter consultants are responsible to achieve the objectives of a proper logistics project manager.
  • Our reputation on the air cargo market allows us to source the best market rates, offering you the most cost-effective solutions for you to choose from. Thanks to pro-actively developed relationships with air cargo carriers, airports, handling agents and sub-contractors, we will make sure to provide you with the best possible contractual terms.

Whatever your needs in terms of cargo aircraft charter and particularly for any urgent or sensitive transport requests, our team of experts are available to assist you. Feel free to send us your Cargo Charter Enquiry.