Company Shuttle

We simplify your staff logistics

Staff travel is a key aspect of the daily operations of your company. However, the use of regular or individual transport services does not offer acceptable guarantees in terms of reliability or efficiency.

VAre you in charge of arranging travel for your employees and your needs are clearly identified? Setting up a dedicated air connection on specific routes with a known capacity, at regular intervals and take profit of the flexibility offered by aircraft chartering, seems to be the solution. However, this cannot be improvised. Therefore, the consultants at Skylark Aviation Expert offer you our dedicated corporate shuttle solutions.

For several years, we have acquired experience in the transport of staff of oil companies. We are familiar with operating in restrictive and even protectionist regulatory environments. But our expertise of operating in constraining contexts enables us to deliver services that comply with the most demanding quality standards, especially those required by the oil and gas industry (“OGP standards”).

How will Skylark Aviation Expert arrange your company shuttle project?

Company shuttle solutions for your Staff travel | Photo by JC Gellidon

Company shuttle solutions for your Staff travel | Photo by JC Gellidon

Here are some of the items we would like to discuss beforehand:

  • What type of aircraft to select? What flight schedule? Which routes and airports to connect to?
  • How to negotiate maximum flexibility while limiting your level of commitment?
  • What precautions should be taken to ensure reliability of service?

You have an insight into how to answer these different questions, but you are also aware that it would be risky to address them on your own. You are correct in considering that aircraft rental requires the assistance of an expert in air logistics. The choice of aircraft already poses a serious dilemma. You perceive that setting up a company shuttle is undoubtedly a very different approach from that of undertaking a one-off charter of a commercial aircraft. We are also aware of the difficulties you face. Therefore, the Skylark Aviation Expert teams propose to give you the benefit of their expertise as air transport consultants.

First of all, our consultants will listen to your requirements.
You have specific needs that are outside the scope of scheduled services.

  • Would you, for example, like your corporate shuttle to be operated by aircraft whose capacity adapts to your seasonality?
  • Or, do you need your corporate shuttle agreement to be able to accommodate a change in the load plan or a new internal organisation?

Our added value is to open the field of possibilities to you. Because aircraft rental and chartering are our core-business, our role is to provide you with bespoke solutions that totally address your needs. Therefore, we claim to be a specialist in facilitating air chartering, with a focus on complex projects such as company shuttles.

Skylark Aviation Expert is committed to the success of your company shuttle project in a collaborative process in which you will remain the prime decision maker.