Aircraft Chartering: FAQ – Part 1

Mar 12, 2020 | Aircraft Charter

Is aircraft chartering a service that can fulfil my travel needs? For what reasons?

Yes, whenever you need to move a group of people on a given route and date, chartering airplanes (or helicopters) is worthwhile. The benefits of aircraft chartering are multiple. The main one is to provide you with the possibility of transporting your group in one time, at any desired times, travelling non-stop between where you live or work and the nearest airport to your travel destination, wherever it is. In terms of organisation, the time saving, and efficiency gain are incomparable to what you get by using scheduled transport services (flights, train, bus…).

When and how to make a reservation?

A business jet flight can be booked in less than 2 hours.

However, in order to offer you the widest choice and the best terms and conditions, it is recommended that you book well in advance. Whether you wish to hire an airliner, a business jet or a helicopter, the first step is to describe your needs as precisely as possible. We recommend that you plan ahead and decide without too much delay to secure the best available solution.

Can I really get anywhere using a special flight?

Almost! There is a growing network of airports, airfields and heliports around the world. Some of them may be in the immediate vicinity of your home, your office or wherever else you need to go. However, these infrastructures are not necessarily known to the general public, often because they do not handle scheduled flights. Others are military or optimized for leisure aviation. This does not mean that they are not available as part of our special flight solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Chartering

Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Chartering

Can I take off from the aerodrome near my home where there are no scheduled flights?

To offer short, direct routes that connect airports that optimize your trip is our added value. For example, it is often better to select a slightly off-centre airport when road access is better or when airport facilities allow faster and less restrictive processing of your passengers. Budget considerations also play a role. Smaller airports very often have lower operating costs than larger hubs, while offering a significantly improved passenger experience.

What is a charter flight?

Chartering means the action of setting up dedicated transport for the exclusive carriage of the charterer’s passengers (friends, colleagues, guests…) or goods.

Compared to scheduled flights which are operated on a regular basis and whose available capacity (seats or cargo volume) are offered for sale to the general public, charter or “chartered” flights are more exclusive and therefore take place at a lower rate. The seat allocation is limited to the passengers chosen by the charterer who fully controls the capacity.

In strictly regulatory terms, there is no difference whatsoever between the operations of aircraft for a scheduled flight and for a charter flight. The only difference is the way in which the aircraft capacity is made available.

What are the differences between the general (or private) and commercial aviation?

Two main regimes regulate the operations of civil aircraft: general aviation and commercial aviation (or public passenger transport).

The first category is not limited to light aircraft used in aero clubs but applies if an aircraft is used for the exclusive transport of its owner. The aircraft may either be a light aircraft, or an airliner fitted with several hundred seats.

The second category corresponds to the activity of providing transportation against payment, i.e. the public transport of passengers and/or freight.

The applicable rules to each category are not the same in terms of operations, aircraft maintenance, supervision of flight, training and duty time of flight crews (pilots and cabin crew), etc. For obvious reasons, holders of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) must comply with much stricter and more binding rules.

Aircraft chartering falls into this second category and you should make sure that the aircraft you plan to charter is operated according to the relevant regulatory framework.

What about flight safety when chartering an aircraft?

To fully understand this section, we recommend that you start by reading the paragraph outlining the regulatory frameworks applicable to operating aircraft.

As soon as there is a contractual relationship involving a payment (whatever the nature of the remuneration), the regulatory framework for public passenger transport is being set. Therefore, charter flights fall within this framework and the rules implemented are precisely the same as those applicable to scheduled services. In fact, most airlines operate both scheduled and charter flights, depending on their choices in terms of flight schedule and revenue optimization, without any other technical distinction.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the aircraft you wish to charter is operated by an airline approved by the authority and up to date with all its licences.

Which routes are available on special flights?

All, or almost all. This is the main value proposition of on-demand aviation: designing, setting up and monitoring dedicated flights that link your departure point to your final destination as efficiently as possible with direct, non-stop flights that operate to and from airports that reduce your travel time.

Skylark Aviation Expert’s unique approach to aircraft charter solutions. At Skylark Aviation Expert, we offer a different approach to aircraft chartering. We offer you the best opportunities in the market. Based on some of your specifications (duration and type of stay), we offer you aircraft charter solutions at very competitive prices that will allow you to differentiate on the market and/or optimize your financial resources by concentrating your budget on the actual event.

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